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About Us


Our Centre was established in 2017 by King Edward VI Aston school with the generous support of the Swire Chinese Language Foundation. We aim to increase access of opportunities to students from all backgrounds and all learning capabilities to study Mandarin, and to provide excellent Mandarin education to students in the Birmingham area.  


Upon leaving school, we expect our students who have studied Mandarin to have developed a solid knowledge of the Chinese language and the culture, and to have developed a strong lifelong language skill in Mandarin which will enable them to have competitive advantage in the world of business, as China’s booming economy continues to grow. We strive to provide the best opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the culture, language, traditions and history of China during their study of Mandarin. We also expect students to develop the skills needed to become active independent learners and to have the confidence to consider themselves as ‘World Citizens’ who belong to a multicultural, mutually respectful world. 


Hannah Liu - Head of Mandarin

I am a native Chinese speaker and have lived in the UK for 13 years. I have over 15 years language teaching experience both in the UK and China. I was an English teacher in China before moving to the UK and I gained my QTS as a secondary school Mandarin teacher at Warwick University. I am passionate about promoting Chinese language and culture and take pride in seeing my pupils grow their language skills. I strive to provide the best learning experience and opportunities for my pupils to immerse themselves in the language, culture, traditions and history of China

Lulu Yang - Mandarin Teacher

I am a Chinese Mandarin teacher, I graduated from a teacher's university in China and I did my teacher training at Birmingham City University. Before coming to the UK I worked in two international schools in Beijing, China. In September 2017, I began teaching GCSE level Chinese Mandarin at King Edward VI Aston School, as part of the Swire Chinese Language Centre, teaching Years 7, 8 and 9. The course requires the practice and improvement of student's overall language abilities and skills. In lessons I also like to introduce Chinese art, music and cooking whenever possible to help students learn about Chinese culture. Currently, I work in both primary and secondary schools as part of the Swire Chinese Language Centre. This has given me valuable experience of teaching a range of different ages and abilities. I would now like to bring some new ideas and build upon the school’s current highly effective practice through collaborating with partner schools. 

Yina He - Mandarin Teacher

I was born in Beijing, the capital of China. I have lived in the UK for over 20 years and have gained a bachelor degree in International Relations and Politics, a Master degree in Education, and completed my teaching training in Primary PGCE. I became a Mandarin teacher in 2016. Prior to joining King Edward VI Aston School, I worked in a supplementary Chinese school as a teacher and school affair coordinator. I am passionate about working with children and believe learning languages will have a huge impact on children’s future. I strive to teach fun lessons in primary schools that all children will love and engage. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, reading, and cooking.

Helen Huang – Mandarin Teacher

I am originally from China and I began teaching Mandarin in 2013.  I completed a PGCE in Mandarin in 2019.  I enjoy telling children about Chinese culture and engaging my pupils with fun activities, raps, songs and stories.  I seek to motivate children and maximise their performance by encouraging a positive and fun learning environment. 


Jessie Moore – Mandarin Teacher

I was originally an English teacher in China. Since I have been in the UK I have taught Mandarin in a range of schools across all Key stages, including primary and secondary school students. I have worked in schools from different contexts in London, Liverpool, Nottingham and Derbyshire.  I have undertaken a PGCE and a Masters’ degree in Education since being in the UK.  I have a passion for teaching particularly my native language. I try to incorporate students’ interests into teaching activities, making learning fun. I believe emotions help learning to stick and I am an active member of the Chinese teaching community in the UK. I am a reflective teacher and I have been involved in different action research projects in Chinese teaching both in primary and secondary settings. I am always looking for ways to improve teaching and learning.



Mia Yu - Mandarin Teacher

I am a dependable Chinese teacher with 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons to beginning and intermediate foreign language students. I am committed to promoting appreciation for Chinese culture, history and literature. I have recently successfully gained QTS as a Mandarin teacher in Birmingham City University. I am dedicated to treating each student as an individual and working collaboratively with colleagues to enable learners to develop proficiency in speaking, listening and comprehending Chinese.