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Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year greetings taught by Ms He and showcased by our Year 8 boys.

Chinese greetings or blessing are exchanged during the festival between family members and friends. There are many ways to greet Chinese people on New Year's Day. I decided to let my students learn to say those words by themselves, record it and share with others during the celebration activity. I thought this could be challenging as the boys have never heard such phases before. However, it turned out brilliantly, with the boys using their prior knowledge on pinyin and numbers to pronounce the phases. I was so surprised to find out how well they had done and they deserve a big thumbs up! Click here to listen to the greeting phrases by Ms He and the Year 8 boys.

My students said after the recording :" It was not hard to say the new phase at all, it was easy!" 

I hope you enjoy listening to the boys' recordings and have a great time on Chinese New Year.  

Ms He